Dr. John Easter

Episode Summary

Today's episode features Dr. John Easter, the 2020 AGTS Alumnus of the Year.

Episode Notes

Dr. John Easter serves as the executive director of Africa’s Hope, where he leads the office overseeing the Assemblies of God’s educational teams and training initiatives in 46 out of 54 African countries. He is also the vice chancellor of Pan-Africa Theological Seminary and the executive director of the Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa, a multidenominational association providing schools with accreditation service, faculty enrichment and scholarly publication. He also serves as an associate professor of intercultural studies at Evangel University and AGTS.

John graduated from AGTS in 2011 with his doctorate in international studies. He began his studies at CBC and earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible in 1995. He also holds a master’s from Reformed Theological Seminary. John and his wife, Cheryl, have served 10 years in pastoral ministry and 20 as Assemblies of God missionaries.

Speaking of his experience at AGTS, John said, “Because my knowledge grew and my skills were sharpened, I was able to make a more meaningful contribution to our organization, which has been personally and professionally rewarding.”